About Us


Aspen Watches; an expression of power and style.

Aspen brings you styles that are truly one of a kind! Adorning an Aspen timepiece more than just a style choice, it is a commitment you make to yourself. A commitment to change, to motivate, to soar the skies in your pursuit for perfection.

Aspen inspires every woman to be extraordinary.

Aspen’s aesthetics take inspiration from minimal and sophisticated designs. These watches add just the right amount of glamour to your look. From casual brunch ups to a night out, Aspen has a watch that will suit your style. With various unique styles at your disposal, what’s not to love?

The collection is made up of Power Bold, Feminine Exclusive, Ceramic & Escape by Aspen.

These watches represent excellence in terms of design, elegance & panache.  Aspen as a brand strongly believes in 'Ending the Ordinary.' By purchasing an Aspen, you make a vow to stray away from the subpar and start living large. So amp up your style game by making an Aspen a part of your watch collection.



In the year 2000, Manisha Sangani went on to establish Priority Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Within a span of just ten years, Priority Marketing has become one of India’s leading marketing companies for Watches and Jewellery. A brand induced by form, shape and design, Manisha has translated her inspirations into latest fashion trends that express the modern woman’s distinctive individuality. With in-house designers, manufacturers and state-of- the-art factories, Aspen is surely making waves in the Indian luxury consumer brands.

Manisha Sanghani says, "These watches epitomize confidence, independence and success that is coveted today. Each watch gives it's wearer a little of everything, a style statement that adds to their overall look and attitude."



The Aspen team is committed to ensure that it’s high quality benchmarks extend from the product, customer service, packaging to marketing and distribution. Aspen is more than a watch; it’s an experience that can be yours forever. Aspen is perfectly suited for the woman who isn’t afraid to experiment, to be trendy and most importantly the woman who is confident with her own sense of style. So if you are looking to add that ‘finishing touch’ to your wardrobe, we give you a collection you absolutely cannot do without.